Winter/Spring 2022 Leagues and Tournaments

VPL is back on the heels of the easing of BC Provincial Health Order and we are immediately resuming the leagues and tournaments we had planned to start in January. Please note that due to the amended Provincial Health Order published on Feb 17th, that as an “indoor organized event” VPL will be checking for a valid vaccine passport for events hosted at Powerhouse.

Check out our Leagues & Tournaments page for more details or come on down to one of the venues that we meet at to join in the action. It should be noted that our league format is changing this season due to recent adjustments made by the IFPA (our sanctioning body) around what constitutes a “league”. After our initial 3 session season at Peacock’s and our 2 session season at Powerhouse which have been grandfathered in, moving forward we will be required to run no less than 6 sessions to constitute a proper season.

As such Peacock’s will move to a 6 session season starting April 4th and Powerhouse will move to weekly tournaments rotating through various tournament styles.