October 30th Flip Frenzy & Powerhouse Updates

Tilt!? You monster!

VPL is back for another meetup at the Powerhouse Pinball Club on Friday October 30th from 7pm until 9:30pm. We will be a running a Flip Frenzy tournament from 7:30 to 9:30 with 30 mins of warm up starting at 7pm sharp. The cost to attend is $20 all inclusive with 50% of the proceeds going to local charities. Spots are filling up quickly so if you would like to secure a place for this event please email us at victorialpinball@gmail.com. (note: Powerhouse Pinball requires all attendees to wear a mask)

A quick note about the Powerhouse Pinball Club. They have been rotating in new games regularly to keep the lineup fresh. Keep an eye on their instagram for updates and teases as to what is coming next. Deadpool, Indiana Jones, Bride of Pinbot and Monster Bash were the 4 new additions this week.

And finally, Powerhouse has started a Twitch stream that they are running Saturday/Sunday nights from 8-9pm. Check it out and say “Hi” to the Powerhouse gang or head on down you might get a chance to show the internet your skills!